Monday, April 23, 2007

About Raptors, AMD X2 6000+ and POWER!

I have always been a technology enthusiast. Right from the 8086 based PC to the Athlon X2 - I have owned them all. Right from MS DOS to Windows Vista, from Wordstar to Word 2007, I am always interested in exploring the wealth of information that lies beneath.

I have been eyeing the 10000 RPM Raptors for a while now. My AMD 4600+ CPU had also seen a year. So it was time to get these babies.

I was faced with a tough decision - Intel slashed the prices of their dual core E6600 processors. So I was tempted to get the new processor. Now lets work this out, to get the new processor, I would have had to invest in a processor ($230) a new motherboard ($200), a new case (so I could keep my old one) ($150) and a new power supply ($130) - So all this was way over my $500 budget. I instead got the AMD X2 6000 which has performance about the same as the Intel E6600. I had to only get the processor, as my ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe motherboard supports the new AMD X2 6000+. This is the fastest AMD processor available in the market. So I finally decided on the AMD Athlon X2 6000+ and a Western Digital Raptor 150 GB 10000 RMP drive.

If you are planning to build a new system, however, i highly recommend the following: Intel E6600/ASUS P5W WiFi Deluxe (based on the Intell 975 chipset), Antec P 180, a good power supply over 600 W. This will give you enough bandwidth to upgrade to the quad core processors when Intel lowers the prices in Q3.

Some also prefer the Intel 965 chispet based mobos, which is not bad - some people even think the Intel 965 chipset is going to be as mainstream as the Intel 440 BX was in the 90s.

Its a nice duel between AMD and Intel - AMD giving you the best value for money and Intel, as in their olden days, performance. The winner in this duel is undoubtedly, the consumer.

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