Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lets learn a thing or two from Google!

If you are an enterprising entrepreneur, you can consider Google a symbol, your mentor. They are currently the undisputed kings of the Internet world and just go to show what a big difference quality software can do!

Google has always been innovative. When other companies were trying to 'copy' technology ideas, Google showed innovation in almost everything they presented and made it a success.

Who would imagine that by typing '70 kg to lbs' would show you the exact converted value in a split second? That's Google for you. Google Mail, IMHO was a revolution in which we read our emails. The design of grouping similar email messages appeared very pleasant to the mass of users. Lets venture into the area of earth/mapping software. We have World Wind (NASA), Windows Live (Microsoft) and then Google Earth. Nobody made such a big impact as Google Earth did. I do not know which was created first, but Google's marketing strategy was just too good in front of MS and NASA.

The fact that Google is the #1 search engine in the world gives them a great edge. Google's search engine is so attractive that it puts the other search engines to shame. I also like the way Google provides tools and documentation for developers. I have always been a nerd, so I like companies who 'talk code!' and Google is one of them. I was glad to see a detailed webmaster tools selection from Google.

So which Google software do you like the best? Do let us know your thoughts!

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