Monday, August 3, 2009

Cross the double white lines and get a ticket!

I take Torrance Blvd to get to work everyday. At Denker and Torrance blvd, I see a lot of cars run right upto the light when it turns red so they are plumb on the tracks. Even if they have the time, they just won't stop behind the double white lines.

Well, some might think there will never be a train on that track, however I have myself seen a train on this intersection at least on a dozen occasions. This is a very hazardous intersection and I hope the police keep a watch on the vehicles here.

Another surprising (and irritating) thing is that the lights for Denker and Torrance remain green for equal amounts of time. This is bad programming. Torrance Blvd is a major road and must have more green than Denker. Oh well...

Its good that the police have started ticketing railroad violators. I saw an article on "Metrolink Matters" - the in train magazine that talked about railroad violations being ticketed. Good going!!

So next time you see that double white line in front of a RxR and a stop signal, please do stay behind the white line. Its against the law to stand on the rail tracks, no matter how minor that intersection might be. You dont have a Hancock in real life to save you!

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