Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google Celebrates The Barcode's 57th Anniversary (Oct 7 2009)

Google's Logo for today Oct 7 2009

It was a usual morning and I wanted to look up something on google. I am usually very impressed with Google's logos and today, it had a lovely barcode. Here's why: Google is celebrating the 57th Anniversary of the barcode!

At my first thought I wondered if it could be a message for something Google wanted us to decipher (Like the interview ad they did!). This Google barcode, for your information, is code 128.

Now for some background: Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland patented the bar code system in Oct 1948, which was approved on 7th Oct 1952. The original patent included a system which could be scanned in any direction - unlike the bar code we use today which has to be scanned horizontally.

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