Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Droid Commercial - iDont device vs the Droid

I don't have a real keyboard. I can't multitask. I can't take 5-megapixel pictures. I can't take pictures in the dark. I can't customize. I can't run widgets and I can't interchange batteries. Yes, I am the iDont device. Whichever genius came up with this Droid commercial has to appreciated. But the reality is, Droid does!

This commercial brings out the naked truth that the Apple iPhone is nothing but a hype. The new Google Android phones like the upcoming Motorola Droid will pack more features for the buck and will give developers and the end users a lot of freedom and options. Google Latitude for example is an application that can only be run on a multitasking phone. The Apple iPhone just cannot do it.

Several new Android phones are trickling in, the newest ones from Motorola - the droid. The HTC iTouch with Android is another masterpiece of a phone and if it were not for the missing 3.5 mm jack, I would be all over it.

So can Google really deliver that punch with the Android? Is it the new iPhone killer? What do you think?


M Karthik said...

The previous Google phone (T Mobile) didn't get such good reviews....
Also, recently Nokia and Samsung have jumped into the fray with really good touch screen devices.

AND, I really want to see Microsoft's response. Anything exciting in the pipeline with Windows phones. [HTC, Dopod etc ] ?

Kartik Jayaraman said...

Yes the previous Google phone was nowhere near the new HTC MyTouch. If it weren't for the missing 3.5 mm headphone jack, the HTC Mytouch is the best smart phone from T Mobile as of now.

But I guess the Droid is going to be the next big Android pusher.

Miscrosoft is quite slow to catch up with Palm and Android. Would be interesting to see if they have time to work on Windows CE (They're busy marketing WIn 7 these days!)