Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mouse cursor size becomes big mysteriously in Windows 7 - Radeon 5700 and 5750

Those of you who got your shiny new Radeon 5700 or 5750 or any of the 5XXX series video cards must have already noticed how the mouse cursor size increases automatically and mysteriously to about twice the size. I have confirmed this finding even with the latest version of the catalyst drivers (as of 22 Nov 2009).

This issue is so easy to reproduce. If you have Windows 7 and any of the Radeon 5XXX cards with the latest catalyst drivers, you cannot miss it!

My system is a Windows 7 x64 Ultimate box with the Diamond Radeon 5750 with 1 GB RAM. I also have the latest DirectX distribution files installed (from dxwebsetup.exe).

So far the only way to decrease the cursor size back to normal in Windows is to restart the machine. If you have other solutions, do share them with us!


Gashtank said...

I have the same problem.. This is really annoying, looking foward to a fix for this :/

brshelton said...

A current workaround is to enable 'trails' with the lowest setting in the pointer options. It shrinks the icon and you can hardly notice the effect.

ohsobrilliant said...

I'm having this problem too. Unfortunately only fix mentioned is to flash bios of mobo, BUT this only regards Gigabyte motherboards and mine is Asus M3a. So no solution found, unless you have Gigabyte mobo. :-((( And yes, it's really annoying.

rajneesh said...

i have the same problem and my computer gets stuck when i am working on 3d program

Aaron said...

I have found that changing the resolution of my monitor to something lower (1440x900 for me) and then immediately reverting back (to 1680x1050) resets the mouse cursor to the correct size. A pain, but much easier than rebooting. I keep the screen resolution window open and minimized at all times just in case.
BTW I have a 5770 and Windows 7 64bit.