Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize - Does he deserve it?

Today's breaking news : "Obama Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize". Everyone's sudden reaction was "What!". Yes, its true - nobody expected him to win, but surprises do happen! Here are my views on why I support the decision and why I don't:

Why i think Obama deserves it:

1. Obama got rid of Guantanamo Bay within days of joining his office. Its well known that the Bay had innocent people convicted with crimes within it as well.

2. He cut back sharply the amount of money that is wasted on fighting useless wars and now automatic drones are used to target enemy bases - smart move.

3. As the President Of The US (Read the most powerful person in the world), he has shown that he believes more in peace than war (Time will tell whether this is a good ideology).

What makes me think its a joke:

1. Its hardly been any time for Obama to achieve such a prestigious award. For some people like Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa, its taken many many years to achieve it. It took Obama just a few weeks!

2. Look at what all was done by the other winners in the past: Mother Teresa traveled so many countries, helped the poor and the needy and really did put efforts which got her the award. All Obama was doing was meetings with Ben Bernanke and Tim G :)


Personally I think Obama deserved the Noble Green Award...wait is there such an award...for the work he's doing to save the environment. Overall I think everyone will have mixed opinions about whether Obama deserves the award or not. What do you think? Share your opinion by posting a comment below..


M Karthik said...

Here you go:

I personally have nothing against Obama getting the prize.But it is just too early now. Its been just 10 months. What is more surprising is that he was nominated 12 days after taking the Oath as the President. What did the people who nominated him think he had done by then? Run a successful election campaign! Got elected as the first Black President of America!

Moving on, he has great ideas and plans, esp for climate change. But we all should wait and see if he actually pushes through with it. He has 3 more years in the current term, and most probably another 4 years. Nobel committee should have waited till the end of his term to see if he actually deserves it.

So why then did the committee give it to him. I have heard quite a few sane reasons. They want to push him to proceed with the plans. An added incentive. Also, the Norwegian people are more concerned with the middle-east peace and its impacts on Europe.

Frankly speaking, Obama has almost zero results till now. [he is trying]. Awards can't be given for vision and potential. I too have grand visions for environment and peace. The author of the blog(Kartik Jayaraman) too has his heart in the right place. A lot of world leaders do. Do we give the Nobel prize to them?

Bottomline: To me, the Nobel peace prize has lost all credibility.

Kartik Jayaraman said...

Karthik, you have written your thoughts out very well. You have some very valid points. It could very well just be a political thing. As I mentioned, he does not compare in any way to the likes of Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa.